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Recent Events in our lives

May 2011

  • The Titans provided a Corporate Box for a home game so that Bob and Cathy could catch up with the two people who saved his life. see Albums for photos
  • Bob had triple by-pass surgery at the Princess Alexandria Hosptial in Brisbane

April 2011

  •  Bob had a major heart on the train returning from a Broncos/Titans match at Robina with Ray and Rick.

February/April 2011

  • The Manse.

February 2011

  • Had a lovely family get together at Don Angelos restaurant. see Albums for Photos

November/December/January 2010/2011

  • Cath (mainly) and Bob undertook some renovations at Iluka so that we could rent it. see Albums for Photos

August 2010

  • Went to Frazer Island for a week with great friends and neighbours Jeff and Linda. see Albums for Photos

May 2010

  • Had a fantastic May Day weekend at Iluka with friends from our Middlemount days. see Albums for photos
January/February/March/April 2010
  • Headed back down to Tasmania at the end of January to do some work on our Dover house. see Albums for photos
  • Our friend Maureen came down to Dover for a holiday. see Albums for photos

December 2009
  • Had a lovely neighbourhood get together at Coomera Waters Marina. see Albums for photos
  • Bob had arthroscopic surgery on his knee to remove some cartilidge. Long term prognosis not very good.
  • Had a great Xmas Eve at Coomera, and an even better Christmas Day at Terran and Dinos new House. see Albums for photos

November 2009
  • Went to a concert at Sirromet Winery featuring B52's, Mental as Anything and The Proclaimers. Went with neighbours and friends Jeff and Linda and had an ABSOLUTE ball. Great concert, EXCELLENT company. see Albums for photos
  • Went to Sunshine Coast for the wedding of Andrew Henry and his lovely wife Robyn. Great catching up with old Middlemount friends.

September 2009
  • Headed down to Dover to take ownership of the Manse and do some running repairs. see Albums for photos

August 2009
  • Went to a great gathering at Paradise Point for Aaron, Amy, Conner and Mya. Really nice get together. see Albums for photos

July 2009
  • Cathy found a house in Dover, Tasmania on the internet and headed off to check it out. We put in an offer and it was accepted, so we are now proud owners of the Manse for the Congregational Church in Dover. see Albums for photos
  • Had a Pizza and Pool night with the neighbours, Dad and Judy. see Albums for photos
  • Celebrated Coco's 4th birthday at Paradise Point. see Albums for photos

June 2009
  • Cathy and her sister Tina went on a road trip through Western NSW to catch up with their brother Michael in Narrandera. see Albums for photos

May 2009
  • Spent a fantastic 3 weeks touring the South Island of New Zealand. see Albums for photos

February 2009
  • Burnett family get together at Kingscliffe. Wonderful day. see Albums for photos

January 2009
  • Had a great weekend at Iluka with Kristi, Tez, Dino and Coc. see Albums for photos
August 2008

  • Spent a lovely weekend with our good friends Maureen and Paul up on the Sunshine Coast. Had a grand tour of Landsborough, Maleny and Montville. Absolutely beautiful piece of the world. see Albums for photos

July 2008
  • Managed to get the boat in the water for the first time in months. Once again Cath caught all the fish.
  • Found agreat new spot for Breakfast or Lunch at the Coomera Marine Precinct.
  • Had a lovely day at Coco's 3rd Birthday party. see Albums for photos

June 2008
  • Spent a fantastic 9 days in southern Tasmania with good friends Stephen & Lee. see Albums for photos

March 2008
  • Bob & his mate Stephen had a boy's trip away to Tassie. see Albums for photos

September 2007
  • We move into our new house at Coomera Shores. see Albums for photos

June 2007
  • Bob & Cathy celebrated their 32nd Wedding Anniversary on lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef. see Albums for photos

May 2007
  • Cathy celebrated her 50th on a houseboat in Hinchinbrook Channel in North Queensland. see Albums for photos

August 2006
  • Bob celebrated his 50th with a 60's & 70's theme fancy dress party. see Albums for photos